Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage In Kitchen

After Repairs

Once the structure in reading dry then the repairs process begins. This photo is taken from the same spot as the before picture. Here is what the finished product looks like.

Water Damage In Kitchen


This picture shows what a kitchen looks like in the first stage of a water damage. On this specific job we had to remove flooring and drywall in order to dry out the structure.   

Dickson County Resident Returns Home to Water Damage

A Dickson County homeowner returned home to a leak in his upstairs bathroom. This was just a portion of the damage that our office was called out to mitigate, clean and repair.

Burns, TN Home Affected By Water Damage

At SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties our team is thoroughly trained to mitigate damages such as, water, fire and mold. Our office received a call regarding a water damage in Burns, TN. After arriving on site and assessing the damage one of our team members found it beneficial to create a drying ‘tent’ in the crawlspace on the bottom of the sub-floor to assist in the drying process. This allowed the flooring to dry much more quickly.

Water vs. Tile

When drying tile in this Goodlettsville home, our teams created a ‘tent’ over the affected area to better direct air flow from the equipment that was placed. Doing so allows the area to dry more rapidly.

Water Damage to Goodlettsville, TN Home

An upstairs toilet overflowed and caused quite a bit of damage to this Goodlettsville home. When our SERVPRO team started the drying process they felt that it was beneficial to hang containment to help with the drying process.

Frozen Pipe Causes Damage to Greenbrier Home

A frozen water pipe caused damage to a finished basement in Greenbrier, TN. Luckily they called SERVPRO of Robertson County to mitigate the damage. We had teams working around the clock to get to customers quickly.

Robertson County New Construction Damaged By Water Leak

A Robertson County home in the process of being built, had a leak in the kitchen area. While inspecting the property our team found additional damage to the crawlspace from water seeped through the sub floor and floor vents.

Commercial Fire/Water Damage in Dickson

These are a few of the resources we used to restore this fitness center that suffered a fire damage and subsequent water damage. The top 2 photos show a 5,000 CFM Desiccant Dehumidifier paired with a 175 kw generator used to dry the building. Once the building was dry we removed the fire damaged materials then cleaned and deodorized the entire building.

Drying a Crawl Space with a Heat Wagon in Dickson

This photo shows our "heat wagon" drying a crawl space in Dickson. We use this process routinely to dry unconditioned areas like crawl spaces, while other drying equipment is drying the inside portion of the house.

Commercial Flood Damage in Springfield

This business in Springfield suffered a water damage caused by a flash flood. You can see the brown water covering the hallway tile. We used our 5,000 CFM Desiccant Dehumidifier and over 100 air movers to dry the building out in a matter of days. More importantly, the business was able to remain operational during this time. The owner of the business was extremely happy with the result.

Water Damage in Springfield

This photo shows the drying process of a water damage in Springfield caused by an ice maker supply line. The kitchen and living room were damaged in this home; however we were able to dry the area in just a matter of days.