Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Many times when we receive calls regarding water damage we are able to save the carpet if the damage has not been sitting for days, the carpet is in fairly good... READ MORE

Can I Get An Amen!

A Springfield Church got an unexpected and unwelcome surprise one Friday afternoon when they entered the church. They immediately called our office when they fo... READ MORE

Fire Exhaust Clean Up in Springfield, TN

Fire extinguishers have one common purpose, and that is to quickly and effectively stop fire from spreading. Unfortunately, this fire extinguisher had other pla... READ MORE

Cooking Fire At Apartment Complex in Springfield, TN

The most common type of fire in the U.S. is the kitchen fire. The reasoning behind this is that the kitchen is where heat, electricity, water and grease come to... READ MORE

Cleaning a Large Industiral Facility in Dickson, TN

These photos show the before and after of a large industrial cleaning we performed in Dickson. Our customer was relocating from a 100,000 square foot facility t... READ MORE

Large Scale Commercial Cleaning Project in Dickson, TN

These photos show the before and after of a hallway that we cleaned as part of large scale commercial cleaning project in Dickson. Our customer was re... READ MORE